200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

Ready to up-level your yoga practice, share your practice and empower others?

Ready to take the lid off your life, create new possibilities for yourself, your family and community? 

Anyone who has a desire to take their power yoga practice to the next level, dive deeper into self-inquiry, physical asana, meditation, and learn more about yoga is eligible for this program. New possibilities are limitless, depending on what YOU are open to receiving.

The Baptiste Power Yoga St. Louis 200-Hour Teacher Training Program will empower you to discover the powerful teacher and leader within YOU. Our program requires 100% commitment, and will challenge you physically and mentally, on and off the mat. But from that dedication, you will leave our program ready to teach, lead, and share your YOGA with others in any situation.

The Promise of the Training

You will leave the training with the tools necessary to effectively teach a powerful vinyasa flow class and will have gained invaluable insights into your own life and way of being. In addition, you will learn to assist, to lead seated meditation; and to adapt your teaching to suit all bodies; shapes, sizes and conditions.

During the training, you will teach, assist and learn to lead from the heart. Expect this training to change your perspective on your practice, your relationships and your life.

Summer Dates:

Program Hours:

In addition to the program hours, there are expected sessions of practice, practice teaching and practice assisting during the course of the program.

Required materials:

Optional books:

Our program tuition includes unlimited yoga during the course of the program.

Email [email protected] for information.

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