Learn What We’re All About

Meet the Founder

Julie Bergfeld opened Metro Power Yoga (now Baptiste Power Yoga St. Louis) in Kirkwood, Missouri in 2014. Her objective: create a vibrant community of yogis coming together to practice one type of yoga, Baptiste Power Yoga.

After many years of working in corporate America and academia, Julie wanted to break free from the rat race and devote herself to a career that honors authenticity, creative expression and continuous growth in herself and in others. Opening the first and only Baptiste Yoga affiliate yoga studio in St. Louis provided this outlet.

Julie derives her greatest satisfaction from working with her team of teachers to create a place where students can get connected and form new friendships, while discovering transformations that empower them to be something bigger than themselves – on and off the mat.

Our Mission

Through the tools of Baptiste Yoga, asana (the physical poses), meditation and self-inquiry, we inspire people to fulfill their purpose and become leaders committed to creating lasting change in their community.

Our Values


We create the space for deeper connections back to the self and to other people. Every interaction provides the opportunity for something new.


We’re here because of you. And we stand for each of you.


We move and breathe from our practice, which enables us to show up in our lives and make the difference we want for ourselves and for others.

Why Baptiste Yoga?

Simply put, it works. It works to detoxify, heal and electrify the body and mind. It works to challenge perceived limitations and push comfort zones. It works to disrupt the drift, so you can discover your true potential. It redefines what is possible.