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Student of the Month – Archive

January 2015

Robert Burgert has made amazing progress since he began yoga just a few months ago. Regularly attending 3-5 classes each week has changed his flexibility levels for the positive! Robert has also led a drumming circle last December at the studio and anticipates leading more in the future.


November 2014

ElaineGeroElaine has been coming to the studio for many months now. At first she came to the Beginner’s classes once a week, then she started coming to the all levels classes and her practice blossomed. Now you can find Elaine on her mat most days of the week.

Who is Elaine Gero?

Born and raised in California, some say that contributes to my calm (laid back) approach to crisis!  But I’ve been mostly in the Midwest since 1979.   I transferred my Sophomore year in College to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, so I’m a Cornhusker!   I am a Registered Nurse and have been practicing for more years than I’m willing to put on a post !   I believe my years practicing in the ICU have provided me skills to handle crisis and problem solve which led to management positions.   I am currently Project Manager for the Electronic Health Record team at Saint Louis University Hospital, but also work 1 day a week teaching Senior Nursing students for Saint Louis University .  I really enjoy teaching and giving back to my profession which has provided so many opportunities for me!  I met my husband Keith at the University of Nebraska and we were married shortly after graduation.  We recently celebrated 30 years of marriage.  He is my best friend, love of my life and strongest supporter.   Before settling in St. Louis we followed his career to Iowa, Kansas City, Dallas, & North Carolina.   We have 2 sons who we enjoy.  Kyle lives in Kansas City, working in his first career job post college.  Eric studies at George Mason University in Washington D.C. and is currently doing a semester abroad in Beijing, China.  My husband travels frequently for work so I hang out in the evenings with our 14 (almost 15!) year old Lab, Solo.  He is a content dog which allows me to go to Yoga after work.    We love to travel to visit family and our children and are known for our “energetic approach” to doing everything we possibly can when vacationing in any location.

What (or who) inspires you?

I am inspired daily by all types of people around me.  Patients & families struggling though crisis but finding a smile for their student nurse amaze me!!  In their illness they offer kind words as the students work with them, thank them & appreciate them.  My sons as they make their way in the world constantly amaze and inspire me in what they are willing and confident to try.

My Yoga teachers inspire me – seriously they do!  Their commitment to each individual student is absolutely amazing.  It is not in just improving our Yoga practice – but in improving all aspects of being a healthy individual.

Sometimes I think back to May and what I could not even imagine doing… and even though I am still a “work in progress” I really enjoy my more flexible, strong body.  My husband is so impressed with the changes and my continuing passion for the practice.  He is such a supporter – which has been key, since he travels so much, my time with him when he is home is very important to me.  But he believes the Yoga practice has had such a positive impact that he does not mind sharing the time!


What is possible in your life as a result of yoga?

I am more aware of all the positive aspects of my life.  When life is stressing, discouraging, anxiety provoking… my focus turns much more quickly to some deep breathing, refocusing and being mindful of the many positives in my life.  I truly react less to negative forces around me.  I also have less aches and pains, am much more limber, starting to recover faster and just have so much more energy and enthusiasm.  I am  much healthier in my diet and although I enjoy foods – I don’t crave them anymore.  I think this is a result of managing stress in a more positive, proactive manner.



October 2014

Jen WilbersOur October student of the month is Jen Wilbers, who has recently finished our 40 Days Program. Despite a busy life with a full-time job, work on a Master’s Degree and raising a kid, Jen still finds time for yoga. It shows in her practice. Radiant and exuding possibility, Jen exhibits the courage to commit to taking on new challenges in a big and powerful way.

Who is Jen Wilbers?
 I grew up in West County and now live in South County.  The only other place I’ve lived, other than for college, was Seattle for a year about 15 years ago.  I gained a love and appreciation for St. Louis over the years and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  I’ve worked at the Defense Contract Audit Agency for the past ten years, but prior to that I was in the social services field.  I am about to finish my master’s degree in Management and Leadership in December.  Most importantly, I have a fifteen year old son, Tristen, who is the most important person in my life.
What (or who) inspires you?
 People who overcome challenges to make the most of their life and live it to the fullest inspire me the most.
Why Yoga?
 I love yoga!  Yoga has made me feel stronger physically and mentally.  I have been able to do things in yoga that I never thought possible so it has allowed me to realize my potential and strength.  It also grounds me and centers me when I am stressed.
What is possible in your life as a result of yoga?
Yoga has opened my eyes to see that I am able to accomplish whatever I want in life.

September 2014

Diane BeermanOur September student of the month is Diane Beermann. Diane has been a “regular” at the studio for almost as long as we’ve been open. Initially she just visited the beginner’s classes, but after gaining confidence in her practice, began showing up for many of the open level classes. She still claims the 75-minute class on Saturday is daunting, but shows up 110% each and every time on her mat. Committed.

Who is Diane Beermann?

I was born in New Jersey and moved to Missouri when my dad’s company transferred him.  My first marriage I was married 21 years, and during that time, lived in Boston, Memphis, St. Louis and DC. I hate moving now! I am remarried to my wonderful husband Russ. I have a 20-year-old daughter Sam, who is a junior at the University of Iowa, majoring in International Studies and Global Health. Sam has her sights set on Law School, focusing on Civil Law/Human Rights.

I have a 22-year-old step-daughter, who will be applying to Med school soon, and a 24-year-old step-son who is a History teacher for the St. Louis City School system and of course, my black cat Toby! People are interested to find out that I was once a competitive baton twirler (yes I still have a baton and yes I am still pretty good!) and I have a deep love for old school hip hop. Although I hate shopping for myself, I love fashion, especially vintage clothes  and hope to take Sam to NYC Fashion week one year.  I also have a fasination of diseases, which helps me in my job as a medical coder at Mercy Hospital.

What (or who) inspires you?

People who overcome great odds and push forward in life. People who pursue their dreams against all odds

Why Yoga?

After running and walking for years, I was bored. My friend Annette texted me one Sunday and said, “you have to try this!” And the rest is history.  Yoga helps me feel strong and I love seeing friends new and old at the studio!

What is possible in your life as a result of yoga?

I am just now learning that anything is possible! Even just a few short months ago, I was unable to say this.

August 2014

Annette StowersOur student of the month for August is Annette Stowers. We initially connected via facebook. Love it or hate it, the platform does have merit when it comes to networking. Annette has been vibrant and vocal, convincing many of her friends and colleagues to join her on their mats since she stepped through the door. Here’s a bit more about Annette.

Who is Annette Stowers?

I was born right here in St. Louis and despite a short employment opportunity elsewhere, I’ve lived here all my life.  By education and profession I’m a registered nurse with an advanced degree in gerontological nursing research but I’ve spent most of my nursing career in administration, specifically nursing practice, education and quality improvement. I’m from a family of 8, I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers living and when we talk, which is often, or get together we always have a great time as the conversations are endless. My favorite quote is “to whom much is given, much is required” and my favorite poem is Mary Oliver’s, “The Journey”. I believe these both speak to my belief in supporting others and making the most of your life’s journey because after all it’s your journey and no one else’s.

What (or who) inspires you?

I’m inspired by many things, situations and people, but most importantly, I’m inspired by my parents – they’re deceased, but I love to think of what they would think of me now.  So I live to enjoy what they are not able to and I enjoy thinking what they would say about the things I enjoy, the challenges I take, the places I’ve visited and most of all, the people I call my friends. It was their love and upbringing that allow me to appreciate life and what is has to offer. My Dad was a great jokester and full of sage advice, but you add my Mom’s wisdom on just about any topic, and all was right with the world.   They inspire me to always try to be a “better”, through their endless support. I like to think of them as my number 1 fans!

Why Yoga?

I like to try new things especially things you would not expect me to try.  I took a restorative class and was intrigued so I looked for more and one day MPY appeared in my FB feed and the rest is history. But more importantly, I love being able to share the story of my trials and adventures and if I can get a friend or two to join me then what can I say but “let the fun begin”.  I also enjoy telling the story of the good, the bad and the ugly of my adventures. My friends know I love a good story and I especially love being a part of one.

What is possible in your life as a result of yoga?

I believe yoga supports my active walking/running lifestyle now and will take me beyond my “now”, by keeping me strong, active and centered into my later years. I have also found yoga makes me say “yes” not only to poses I would have thought impossible for me, but to everyday life challenges with things like diet changes, work and life situations. The deliberateness and consciousness of yoga make me feel invincible … Don’t laugh, but now that I’ve found yoga I’m not letting it go!


July 2014

July’s student of the month is Patty Brennan. Patty averages 3 classes each week and has been a “regular” since we opened in April. It’s a joy to watch students grow both physically and mentally as time passes and as they do the work. Here’s a bit more about Patty.

Tell me who Patty is
I was born in St. Paul Minnesota and moved to Texas when I was 4, Loved Texas!! We moved to Kirkwood in 1972 . I am one of 8 children, I have 6 brothers and one sister. I have always been around young children (three younger brothers) and I have numerous nieces and nephews, it only seemed natural that I would go into Early Childhood Education. I have been teaching since 1988! I have been at Kirkwood Early Childhood Center for the last  7 years and I love working with the challenges and celebrations of Special Education. I have been married to my husband Brian for 21 years. We have 3 children, Brian (17) Mary Kate (15) and Meghan (12)
What inspires you
I am inspired by many things, but mostly by people who overcome life’s obstacles when it seemed unlikely. I admire brave people, folks who can travel effortlessly without maps, folks who embark on journeys that take them far from home, they give me hope for the future.
Why yoga?
I started practicing yoga when I could no longer run, I found it was something I had success with and something I have not quit! I have been lucky to have had 2 instructors who have not let me quit, who have encouraged me to keep on, keep trying and never give up. I also have made more friends in yoga than I have ever have! We share a common goal, and even though we are all at different places in life, we have the common bond of yoga!
What is possible in your life (as a result of yoga)?
Yoga will keep me strong for life, It will let me keep moving as I age, it will allow me to work in my garden, it will allow me to continue to stay healthy and enjoy my life!
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