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Being Of Power

By MetroPowerYoga | In Blog | on November 12, 2014

“We become of power by being bold and unflappable in our intention to transform ourselves and our world. In and of themselves, the practices don’t work. You work!” – Baron Baptiste, Being of Power: The 9 Practices to Ignite an Empowered Life.

Each day we work. We work at our jobs. We work raising our kids. We work on our hobbies and passions. But do we work on ourselves? Our growth comes not from being satisfied with who we are and reliving our pasts and planning our future, but on committing to growth; change; transformation. That is how we live powerful lives.

This growth can only arise from a place of self-inquiry. Baron reminds us to suspend what we already know and to put aside who we think we already are and begin to wonder “What’s next?” We are reminded every day to put aside our past feelings, events, and reactions and to come into a state of re-invigoration and re-birth every day.

And yet, most of us have no idea how to get at this mystical transformation. We are unhappy with our present state, but we have no tools to effect the change in our lives. And yet we know that change will not come from external forces. It must come from within.

One way we can come to this practice of change in a tangible way is to reframe our desires. Next time you are wanting something… I want to have a new job, I am trying to lose weight, I want to be healthier… reframe your desire. Instead of using “I want” and “I’m trying” make it real. “I am going to yoga 5 times a week the next month” or “I am not eating sugar for the next two weeks”. Break  the “I wants” into tangible steps that punch you to action Be a yes for your changes starting today.

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